Drawn From Bees- Fear Not The Footsteps Of The Departed

You could call Brisbane band Drawn From Bees many things, but lazy is not one of them. For the past two years the band has followed a self-imposed goal to write record and release new music every six months. Fear Not The Footsteps Of The Departed is the final chapter of this project and it truly is a perfect finish.

Fear Not The Footsteps Of The Departed is moody pop perfection. Despite the morbid cover art and the art-rock tag that always seems to be attached to the band, Drawn From Bees have created an album that is dark enough to be a soundtrack to write bad poetry to yet catchy enough for almost anyone to enjoy.

The fourteen tracks on this album flow together seamlessly and draw you in until you find yourself disappointed that the album has come to an end. In this day and age of iPods and short attention spans, It is one of those rare albums that make a skip button seem superfluous.


  1. Stand Against The Storm: Nestled halfway through the album, Stand Against The Storm is probably the most obvious standout track. Beginning with nothing more than sparse guitar and drums, it doesn’t take long for the soaring chorus of “Pretty sure it’ll kill us all” to kick in. However it’s the lead up to the chorus that’s the real highlight, showcasing the band’s ability to craft an engaging build up. While it is hardly cheerful stuff, the upbeat music stops it from being bogged down and makes it the most memorable track on the album.
  2. Undertakers: I’m one of those slightly twisted people who actively seek out depressing music and, if you hadn’t already guessed from the title, this track certainly fits the bill. The duel vocals harmonise perfectly and have a hymn-like effect. The melody is both pretty and memorable and it’s easy to imagine this being absolutely amazing live. It’s simply stunning.
  3. Why Bother: The final track on the album and also the sparsest. This is hardly a bad thing however, with vocalist Dan James’s voice carrying the delicate tune. Despite the short running time of two minutes and six seconds, it is one of the most effective tracks on Do Not Fear The Footsteps Of The Departed. The haunting backing vocals and subdued percussion from Matt Wedmaier have a memorising effect, and when it stops suddenly, it feels like you’ve been snapped out of a trance. A perfect finish to a fantastic album.

It’s hard to believe Drawn From Bees have been releasing new music every six months and still managing to sound so good. With great attention to detail in every track, Fear Not The Footsteps Of The Departed is a great closing chapter and will (almost) be enough to tide us over until the band unleash their next crazy project on the world.


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