Goodnight Owl Release Maps and Compasses Video

You know what’s better than paying $60 to see the Temper Trap at *shudder* Festival Hall? Going to the Workers Club in Melbourne to see Goodnight Owl lauch their debut video.

Goodnight Owl sound like the lovechild of Josh Pyke and The Postal Service (and in case you wre confused, they have nothing at all to do with the greatly inferior Owl City). They released their debut EP last year and it’s one of those releases that still sounds good after the 13,oo0th listen. Suprisingly, the video for Maps and Compasses is their first, and it certainly fits well with their laidback and glitchy music.

The video will be launched on the 24th of July at The Workers Club. Until then, you check out the video below.

Note: The date has now been changed to the 31st of July. So now you really have no excuse not to go.


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