Epic Festival 2010

Hands up if you enjoy(ed) being underage?

Umm….so that’s about three of you.

Aside from the almost complete lack of responsiblity there really aren’t that many upsides to being under 18. You can’t legally drink, drive or err…vote. The worst thing  for many music fans though is not being able to go to overage gigs. Sure there’s music festivals, but they cost a fourtune and only happen once a year. Or there’s the Freeza program, which put on gigs which usually feature terrible hardcore bands. When you combine both of these things however, the results can be pretty damn good.

Boroondara Freeza are trying to offer gigs for under 18s who like music without too much screaming and are bringing back the Epic Fesitval in 2010. The previous festival in 2008 was a great sucess and featured British India as headliners.

This year’s Epic Festival is combined with the pushstart battle of the bands and the second launch of “Waffle On” magazine which is written entirely by young people and will include free food (and who doesn’t like free food?). Entry is only $10 and the line-up is:


The Rhetorics

Theives In Law

The Quarters

Battle Preist

Amber Lamps


How good is that?


2 comments on “Epic Festival 2010

  1. Jeremy says:

    I remember you posting a song from The Quarters before, they’re pretty solid. I think I’ve heard some Howl but I can’t remember. But yeah, being underage sucks. I’ve only got like 15 odd days left of it though. And Dead Letter Circus are touring near me in September at a pub! It’ll be good to be an adult.

  2. Lauren says:

    The Quarters are pretty cool. I’m not a massive Howl fan, but they’re not too bad. Being 18 is amazing.Although perhaps it isn’t a such good thing when the bar staff know who you are…

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