My home internet has shat itself. In the middle of year 12. How considerate.

This means that I won’t be posting anything  for the next week or so because there’s only so much money I want to give to my local internet cafe, as cheap as they are.

So if you’re a band who’s sent me stuff, don’t expect a reply and or post anytime soon.


Matt Walters would die for you

Matt Walters is a Melbourne singer-songwriter who has been busy working on his debut album, which is expected to be out early next year. Luckily for us impatient folks he is releasing an EP titled Talking In My Sleep on September 3rd.

The first single Die For You is a gorgeous six-minute slice of folk, featuring vocals from none other than current Megan Washington. Both delicate and vulnerable, it’s a must-listen for fans of Damien Rice and Angus and Julia Stone and will certainly make you swoon.

He’s playing a show on the 25th of August at the Workers Club in Melbourne which I highly recommend you go to if you’re allowed out on a school night.

Matt Walters ft. Washington Die For You.mp3


Meredith Line-Up Announced

Meredith is much more than a music festival for many people and this year it will be celebrating it’s 20th year.

Many people were expecting some great suprises for the anniversary and they won’t be dissapointed, with 90’s heros Custard, The Dirty Three who played that set in 2004 and the Dead Salesmen Duo who played the first ever Meredith joining the line-up of both and old bands.

The complete line-up is:

Dirty Three
Neil Finn
The Fall
Washed Out
Sharon Jones And The Dap-Kings
Reverend Horton Heat
Pantha Du Prince
Little Red
C.W. Stoneking
El Guincho
The Heatwave
Dj Harvey & Dj Garth
Sally Seltmann
The Dead Salesmen (Duo)
Those Darlins
The Field
Jeff The Brotherhood
Rat Vs Possum
Cloud Control
Combo La Revelacion
City Of Ballarat Brass Band

The ballot has now closed but for those of you who didn’t get around to entering (myself included), tickets will be avaliable from September 7 from select retailers and September 9 from http://www.mmf.com.au

Interview: Tinpan Orange

Tinpan Orange are a georgous inde-folk band from Melbourne who create songs that are both pretty and very memorable. This year has been a big one for the band and it’s about to get even bigger. In the coming months they’ll be releasing their new single Like Snow as well as embarking on a tour to Europe with The Cat Empire. I was lucky enough to interview Emily Lubitz before they head off overseas and win themselves a whole new group of fans.

Electric Skeleton: You’re just about to release your latest single. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Emily Lubitz: It’s called ‘Like Snow’. It’s a wintery song, inspired by old French films.

ES: You play alongside your brother Jesse. Did you come from a musical family?

EL: Music was always a big part of our lives. Our dad plays the guitar and piano and our mum can yodel…we were the only ones to really go down this road though.. the rest got real jobs!

ES: Do you ever get sick of each other on tour or are you one of those freaky siblings who don’t fight?

EL: We do fight. We’re not freaky! But we used to fight more. When we were kids we used properly beat each other up and chase each other around the house… I think I once threw a knife at Jesse… a butter knife… I didn’t want it to hit him.. and it didn’t.. hmm. So I think we got a lot of the aggression out in the early years. We quite like one another now.

ES: What was it like working with Harry Angus on The Bottom of the Lake?

EL: It was amazing. He is a very creative and visionary man. He’s good at finishing things too.

ES: You guys are about to embark on a national tour followed by supporting The Cat Empire in the UK and Europe, which is just a tad exciting.
Have you toured overseas before?

EL: Nope. Tinpan has never been overseas. We are very very excited… and Europe! I love Europe! Good bread and dairy products.

ES: Do you have a favourite album or artist to listen to when you’re on tour?

EL: Willie Nelson when we’re driving long distances. Jackson Jackson when I’m homesick. Michael Jackson when I’ve been at a folk festival too long. Joni Mitchell when I feel like writing songs.

ES: What do you think is more important: creating a great album or having a great live show?

EL: Depends what you’re trying to sell!… But both are important. We put a lot of love and sweat into both.

ES: Great pop songs seem to speak to everybody, even my mum considers herself a fan of your music. Do you find you attract a very mixed crowd?

EL: Yes mums and babies love our music… who knew? We get all sorts of fans. I love that.

ES: What are your favourite Australian bands at the moment?

EL: Mama Kin, Jen Cloher, Down Hills Home, Leah Flanagan and SIA

If you would like to see Tinpan Orange live before they go overseas they have a few more dates left on their national tour. You can find out more and hear some of their tracks over at their myspace page.

Skipping Girl Vinegar Get Wasted and Drown It Out

It’s been a long wait between albums for Skipping Girl Vinegar fans. After releasing their brilliant and excellently packaged debut album Sift The Noise in 2008, they will be releasing a follow-up album  in early 2011. To tide us over, they’ve annouced the release of a new single, Wasted and an East-Coast  tour.

Wasted is inspired by a big night out at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne, and if that isn’t awesome enough, it features dumpster and hard-rubbish percussion. It is out now throught Popboomerang and MGM. If you want to hear the new track live, as well as many of their other amazing songs, you can see them alongside a number of different special guests at any of the dates on the “Drown It Out” tour.

Friday September 3 – Troubadour, Brisbane QLD

Friday September 10 – Fitzroy Hotel, Windsor NSW

Sat September 11 – Funk N Grooves Festival, Hunter Valley NSW

Saturday September 11 – RAVAL,  Sydney NSW

Saturday September 18 – The Toff In Town, Melbourne VIC

For more details go to : www.skippinggirlvinegar.com

College Fall- The Curse of Us

Brutal honesty is not something we often see in music, however Melbourne-via-Western Australia duo College Fall deliver it in spades on their second album The Curse of Us.

Musically, College Fall effortlessly switch from pop-punk to delicate ballads, something which even the most accomplished bands struggle to achieve. The band are clearly fans of American rock, and  much like The Hold Steady and The Mountain Goats, their lyrics tell gripping four-minute tales of love, misery and isolation.  On top of this, Jodie Lee Bartlett and Glenn Musto share vocals on the album, adding another layer of drama.

Album opener the Curse of Us kicks things off to punchy guitars and a ridiculously catchy chorus. And things only get better from there. Come to Bite us is one of the few songs which only features one vocalist, in this case, Bartlett. The bar room piano and strings perfectly complement her voice and the song’s subject matter. Fake Life mixes angular guitars, chanted verses and a general sense of angst to create an incredibly memorable track. On the other hand, Blankets chronicles three miserable summers, in a much more subdued manner. Beginning with nothing more than gentle acoustic guitar, the band come in so quietly you can hardly notice it. Not that that’s a criticism by any means, in fact it sounds very much like something Jimmy Eat World would be proud of.

Door Prize and The End’s In Sight are two of the riskiest tracks to come from an Australian band this year. Door Prize is a haunting account of an abusive relationship told from both sides. It’s moving, explosive and the kind of track that stays with you long after it has finished. The End’s In Sight, on the other hand appears to be a cheerful, triumphant track on first listen. It isn’t until you listen to the lyrics that you realise that it’s about a woman who is about to take her own life, making it an uncomfortable listen.

College Fall have released one of the best Australian albums of the year. At times it’s uplifting, at others it’s downright difficult to listen to, but it is never dull.