6 on the St Interview

At the moment I’ve been focused on my end of year film project (a documentary about Melbourne Zombie Shuffle), so it seems quite fitting that I recently got in contact with Sam Wright, who is part of the team that works on 6 on the St, a documentary series that focuses on Adelaide’s live music scene.  Each episode is six minutes long and features interviews and live performances by local bands in different parts of the city. While many Australians see Adelaide as a musically deprived hole, this documentary series completely disproves this and features some great local bands such as The Thieves and The Bearded Gypsy Band. New episodes come out on the 6th of every month and if you’re at all interested in hearing new Australian Music, I highly recommend you see them.

Electric Skeleton: What made you decide to create 6 on the street?

Sam Wright: During the Christmas of 2008, my friend in Canada introduced me to a whole lot of short music videos that were filmed on the streets of France. These films were done by Vincent Moon with Chryde from La Blogotheque. I drew inspiration from these films and moved forward in an attempt to create something that would be special for emerging Adelaide musicians.

ES: How long does it take to make each episode?

SW: Generally we will shoot an episode in an afternoon and have time for a snack and drink, so only a few hours really. For the 6 on the St team, it is like going to an intimate gig on the weekend. Kieran Ellis-Jones (Director) will then take a couple of days to edit out the material into an episode.

ES: Having bands play on the street is not something you see every day. How to the general public react to it?

SW: The general public are almost too polite. They walk around our filming. Rather than through it. However, we filmed in China Town last weekend around a Bubble Tea stall. I have never seen so many skate boarder kids attempting to video bomb a production. Which we were fine with. We want the public to become part of the videos as well, as they are just part of the city atmosphere that we are trying to capture.

ES: How do you decide each location?

SW: It is a mixture of places that our team likes, with places that are well known in Adelaide, with places that match the vibe of the artist that is performing.

ES: What makes Adelaide’s music scene different to anywhere else’s?

SW: It is hard to say, as I have not been able to participate fully in any other city’s music scene. All of them would be great I would imagine and unique in their own ways. What makes the Adelaide Music Scene unique to me, is that there are so many different bands (genre wise) that you can see in one night, but you really have to actually care about good music, to actually know where the good music can be found. If you don’t care, you will probably find yourself stuck in some boring Adelaide bar eating an overpriced schnitzel and listening to some terrible cover band.

ES: How do you  choose bands for the videos?

SW: We keep our ears and minds open to all particular styles. We scan friend’s Facebook pages for local bands they are seeing. We pay attention to the Triple J Unearthed charts. We read CD Reviews. We attend many gigs. We read our street press. We eavesdrop people at local pubs. We talk to friends about music. We talk to strangers about music. We take our headphones off and listen to people busking in the mall. We do our homework. Then we make a choice.

ES: Do you know which bands you’ll be featuring in future episodes?

SW: We have a few episodes locked in for the next couple of months, but we are keeping some episodes open for local acts that make it into festivals such as WOMADelaide and Big Day Out.

The latest video was uploaded today and features Spine, who aren’t a metal band. You can check it out below.


4 comments on “6 on the St Interview

  1. Walter says:

    Musically deprived hole?! Outrageous!

    Cool interview though.

  2. avarine says:

    great interview!

  3. On behalf of Canberra, hey! Haha, you’re right though.

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