The Basics Live

One of my favourite bands,  recorded at one of my favourite venues, for free.

Anyone who’s listened to The Basics will tell you that they are one of Australia’s best live acts, combining hilarious banter with great pop songs and the odd cover or ten. However unlike most other bands who carry that tag, they aren’t selling out stadiums, headlining festivals or being played 50 times a day on the radio. While this means that we get to see them without paying stupid amounts of money and dealing the horrible crowds certain artists attract, it also means that they don’t have the bathtubs full of cash they probably deserve.

Why does this matter? Because The Basics have released a live album, recorded at the Northcote Social Club and mixed at Abbey Road Studios. What’s even better for us is that they’ve released it completely free. Not even in return for an email address.

If you haven’t heard The Basics yet, you really have no excuse. Every single song on the album is fantastic, even their cover of the New Kids On The Block’s (You Got It) The Right Stuff.

You can download the album here, and you really have no excuse not to.


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