Taking a Break (Until November 17)

When I started year 12 I’d heard the stories about losing sanity, sleep and will to live. As usual, I ignored them and attempted to keep this blog going for as long a I could. However, my first exam is in two days and shit just got real.

As most of you have noticed, it’s been a bit light on in the posting department lately. This isn’t because I’ve lost all interest in blogging, because there are a million things I want to write about, it’s because VCE has completely taken over my life.

So if you’ve sent me music lately, I’m not ignoring it, I just don’t have time. In fact if my inbox didn’t welcome me with mp3s every so often I don’t think I’d have heard any new music this year and I’m more than happy to hear whatever ends up in there.

This break will officially finish on the 17th of November, when my final exam is over. So until then I’m going to study my arse off and try ans remain sane.