I’m Back

When I started year 12 I thought that I’d finish VCE  by going out, getting appropriately drunk, and quite possibly disgracing myself in one way or another. Instead, on the day of my final exam, I’m high off painkillers, have no appendix and look like I’m six months pregnant.

On the brightside, my appendix didn’t burst everwhere, I’m going to have an awesome scar and I said some hilarious and trippy things when I was on morhpine. It also means that soon I’ll have time to give this blog my full attention and post more often than once a month.

Stay tuned for some album reviews, the possible interview and maybe a gig review or twelve once my belly heals up.



One comment on “I’m Back

  1. Wah no good! Glad you’re back in action. Get drunk the moment you can haha. You’ve got a pretty long break period ahead of you woooo!!!

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