Have You Heard: Boom! Bap! Pow!

If you threw Motown, doo-wop and a healthy dose of rock n’ roll into a blender, you would end up with Boom! Bap! Pow! a Perth band who make music that is both infectious and ridiculously fun.

They’ve just released the No Pleasin’ EP, a collection of 50’s inspired tunes that go from the hip-shaking No Pleasin’ to the slow dance of Liar without sounding contrived or missing a beat. Hell, they even have a saxophonist in Jack Doepel, which instead of sounding cheesy, helps set them apart from other retro styled bands.

While the EP is all kinds of fantastic, it isn’t until you see them live that you can really appreciate what they do. The whole band is completely captivating and seem to be having as much fun as the audience. Vocalist Novac Bull is the perfect atidote to the current crop of Julia Stones, with a powerful voice and a charismatic stage presence while the rythm section, including Clint Bracknell on double bass are close to flawless. They’ve been playing larger venues on their most recent tour as Royal Crown Revue’s support band, but could easily headline, despite their relatively short time as a band.

Their EP can be picked up from shows or on iTunes. It’s $5 you won’t regret spending. Their debut album is also on Itunes, which I’m sure is just as amazing as the EP.

Otherwise, they have a few songs up for download from their Unearthed page:




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