Guineafowl Interview

Most musical projects that begin in the bedroom stay there, however for Sydney-based Gineafowl, it has led to radio play, a deal with Dew Process and the recently released Hello Anxiety EP which has seen good reviews from anyone that’s heard it. The band are currently on their first headline tour and I was lucky enough to get an interview with Sam Yeldham, the mastermind behind the entire project.

Electric Skeleton: How did Guineafowl start?

It started out as just me recording some demos in my living room, using my laptop as the only real bit of recording equipment. Some friends of mine heard the demos and urged me to put them online. Those demos got blogged about a bit and show offers started coming in. I realized that I couldn’t really play these songs by myself and so along with the help of those friends who urged me initially, we started a band.

ES: How would you describe your sound?

Indie pop. But to be honest I don’t think I am satisfied with one particular sound yet. Ask me in five years.

ES: How does playing in a group compare to playing solo shows?

It’s much better playing in a band than on your own. When you make a mistake on your own, everyone can hear it, your reaction is much more noticeable and pronounced, this is because you just have yourself to rely on. I realize this sounds like, it’s nice to have others to cover up your mistakes, but really it’s nice to rely on other people, trust them and know that you are not alone.

ES: How did the name ‘Guineafowl’ come about?

It was a nickname given to me in primary school. A teacher started calling me Guineapig because of the massive fringe I used to sport when I was a kid. Later that same teacher evolved it for no apparent reason to Guineafowl. When choosing a pseudonym, I just wanted something that meant something to me.

ES: You’re about to embark on your first headline tour. Can you tell us what to expect from your live shows?

Our live shows are pretty rambunctious. There are six of us, so we tend to crowd a stage and make a fair amount of noise. We are very excited about our first headlining tour as in reality we have only done two headlining shows before these ones!

ES: Do you have a favourite track from the Hello Anxiety EP?

People say naming your favorite song or work is like choosing a favorite child. I disagree, I think it would be much easier to pick a favorite child.

ES: You’re a relatively new band and you’ve already signed to Dew Process, been played on Triple J and released a very well received EP. Did you expect all of this to happen so early in your career?

Not at all, but we have a long way to go!

ES: Are there any local bands you think people should know about?

The bands that are supporting us on our E.P tour are amazing! We Say Bamboulee from Sydney and Kins from Melbourne especially are my personal favorites. But Readable Graffiti from Canberra and Goodnight Owl, also from Melbourne are Wicked.


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