Missing Link for sale

We’re all guilty of walking into a record store, emptying out wallets and then wishing that we could buy the whole shop. This will soon be possible, as it was announced yesterday that iconic Melbourne record store Missing Link will be going on the market.

The current owner Nigel Rennard, who has operated the store for 30 years is looking to hand the store over to someone with excellent musical knowledge and experience.

It’s been a big year for the store, which has merged with Collectors Corner, launched a digital store and will also be moving premises in April because the current building will be demolished.

It does bring up the question of how viable records stores are in 2011, when even Missing Link may disappear if it doesn’t find a new owner. Even vinyl buyers are turning to the internet to buy music, as it offers more convenience, a better price and is delivered to your door. On the other hand, there’s nothing like walking into a record store and being able to spend hours physically browsing, talking to super knowledgable staff and walking into a shop without being bombarded with the sounds of Justin Beiber. I really worry sometimes that one day the only ‘record stores’ left will be brightly lit chain stores with the smallest selection in the world.

Hopefully someone will buy Missing Link, and considering how strong Melbourne’s music community is, it’s highly likely.


One comment on “Missing Link for sale

  1. anna turner says:

    It would be sad day indeed if Missing Link closed down.

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