Buchanan Q&A


Buchanan (pronounced bew-cannon) were one of my Laneway Festival highlights and their No Photo EP has been getting quite a workout on my stereo in recent weeks. I did a quick Q&A with lead singer Josh Simons ahead of their shows with Jinja Safari this weekend.


How would you describe your sound?

The perfect balance between the Spice Girls and Radiohead! Or rather, soft rock at its heaviest.

How did the band form?

An attempt to salvage another band turned into the formation of this one. It happened kind of unplanned after a small jam session where we tried to get some production ideas down which ended up being some of our earlier songs.

 What was it like playing Laneway Festival?

Incredible, nerve-wracking and fun all bundled into one. Probably one of our best shows to date. We’re very grateful to Triple J for that opportunity.

Is the title of the No Photo EP a response to hating publicity photos?

The idea behind the name was kind of a response to social media where if you don’t have a picture that represents you, some guy in some office somewhere has designed this graphic of a silhouette which usually has the words “NO PHOTO” printed over it. So we thought, what if this relatively new idea existed sometime in the 18th century, what photo might they use to represent someone who hasn’t got around to choosing their favourite photo of themselves. I think that makes sense!


What’s next for you guys?

We’re in the middle of a tour that has us playing in Sydney and Adelaide, as well as supporting Jinja Safari and Trial Kennedy back in Melbourne. We’ve also just started recording our follow-up to No Photo. We’re not sure whether it will be another EP or a full length record, but it’s sounding good!

The No-Photo EP is avaliable now. Buchanan will be playing at the Corner Hotel on Sunday supporting Jinja Safari. Tickets avaliable from www.cornerhotel.com



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