The Middle East call it quits…again

Today Townsville band The Middle East announced that they were playing their final show during their set at Splendour in the Grass today.

It isn’t the first time they’ve called it a day: in 2008 they broke up and reformed one year later to release The Recordings of the Middle East EP. It’s unclear how likely this latest announcement is to be serious seeing that the band released their first official album I Want That You Are Always Happy earlier this year.

It’s a shame really. While their album was long and bloated, their EP hinted at amazing potential even if they will never reach the heights of Blood again.

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One comment on “The Middle East call it quits…again

  1. PeteArrrrr says:

    Haha wow! I agree that it’s a shame. I feel like they’ve let their egos get in the way a bit. They got a fair bit of attention early on and the album was one big yawn.
    Even when providing “insight” about the album’s songs, for each one the guy would say “oh you know, I just wrote this song alone one night and yeah, it probably didn’t turn out the way we wanted…”

    Hilarious that they announced it at Splendour!

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