Monday Music Round-Up 08/08/11

It’s been awhile since Jens Lekman released new  music and this week he posted his latest track An Argument With Myself for free download on his blog. The Graceland style arrangement is tad cheesy and would fall flat had anyone else tried it. However everything Jens touches turns to gold and his description of Melbourne’s streets is spot on. The track is from the upcoming Argument With Myself EP which will feature live favourites including Song For Kirsten Dunst. He will also have an album out in the near future.

To say there was a fair amount of pressure of Washington to produce a decent second album is something of an understatement. After the massive success of I Believe You Liar, selling out The Corner five times and playing every single music festival in Australia, we have been given the first glimpse of her follow-up album.

Holy Moses is markedly different from her previous sound. While it’s still a little on the quirky side, the production is much fuller and I can see  commercial radio lapping it up. Still, aside from a kazoo solo it doesn’t really warrant a huge amount of listens. And the vide is just puzzling. It looks very inspired by the likes of Lady Gaga and doesn’t seem to fit her at all. Production wise however, it’s quite impressive.

Speaking of new videos, The Panda Band have one for 51 Swimsuits, from their upcoming album Charisma Weapon. It’s well worth a look, and not just because of the bikini-clad women.


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