Drawn From Bees Q&A

Brisbane band Drawn From Bees often get labelled as an art-rock band. However rather than being overly pretentious and inaccessible, their music is electic enough to require multiple listens and catchy enough to be completely enjoyable. They have a habit of releasing albums in quick succession and their new single Of Walls and Teeth is a great sign of things to come. I did a quick Q&A with the band about their upcoming album and recent American tour.

You guys often get tagged with the Art Rock label. How would you describe your music? 

If Bowie and John Fogarty, played cards on a Friday night with Neil Young at Roger Waters’ and Dave Gilmor’s house, while listening to Queen on the wireless, then you’d have a pretty good idea of where we come from.

You guys went to America last year. What was that like?

America was great.  Our schedule ended up being 20 performances in 17 days.  It was hectic, but had the time of our lives.  To experience something on the scale of SXSW was an absolute thrill.  To have all 4 members end up in 4 different parts of New York after a night out after our Bowery Ballroom showcase, was also an event.  One of which we’d all love to remember.

Did you see any impressive bands a SXSW?

We didn’t see these guys at SXSW, but the BAR BROTHERS were by far the stand-out band of the trip. We spent most of our time in SXSW supporting, and sharing a few beverages, with the Australian bands who made the trek.

You seem to leave very short gaps in-between releases. Do you plan to release albums to close together or does it just happen that way?

It had started as a challenge a couple of years ago when the band was conceived.  We had decided to make song writing the key component of the band, and attempt to do a release every 6 months within the first 2 years, with the aim of making a box set at the end.  Since then, we’ve actually held back, and just focused on writing.  We’re currently half way through an album recording, and just decided to release a single, which may, or may not be on the album.  Keep posted for the new release in 2012.

Can you tell us a bit about your latest single Of Walls and Teeth

Dan actually came into the studio one day with a demo of the song already recorded.  It immediately resonated with all of us.  Essentially, we heard the demo, went into the studio, jammed it out for a bit, and then went straight in a started tracking.  Dan layered some vocals, and came up with some really hooky guitar lines.  As to the meaning of the song, I have my ideas, but I won’t be sharing those on here.

What can we expect from your next album The May King and His Paper Crown?

I think the key word for the next album is ‘DIVERSE’.  Starting very much at rock, and then going into rockabilly alt country, then ending up at dabbling in issues beyond the grave.  Sounds like every other Drawn From Bees release really…

What’s next for you guys?

For the rest of 2011, single launch, east coast, in October, then hulled up, back in the studio, ready for an album release early 2012.  Hopefully then, and full Australian Tour, and a trip back to the states in March/April, home to say hello to the family, then back in the studio to write our double album LP Opus.

You can stream Of Walls and Teeth on the band’s Bandcamp page.


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