The Vines @ The Hi-Fi 03/09/11

Not many people thought The Vines would make it to 2011 but after witnessing their show at the Hi-Fi this week, it’s clear to see how they’ve managed to stick around.

First up were Money For Rope. It’s a shame more people weren’t there to witness their set of bluesy rock and roll complete with two drummers. It was obvious that they were having fun on stage and put some of tonight’s other bands to shame as far as energy is concerned. These guys are constantly gigging around Melbourne and it’s highly recommended to see them live.

It seemed fitting that current NME darlings Bleeding Knees club were supporting The Vines, a position they were in back in 2002. Although they work a guitar and drums combo similar to The White Stripes, musically they would easily fit in the same bill as Wavves and Best Coast. While the set was a little disorganised, with no setlist written down, it only added to their slacker charm.They are great at what they do and watching them play live, it was easy to see why drummer and vocalist Alex Wall was downing red bull. The only criticism is that most of the songs shared the same tempo, and tended to blend into one another.

Papa Vs Pretty have gone from strength to strength in the last few months. With their debut album finally seeing the light of day and steady Triple J rotation, their live show has grown much more confident than when I saw them last. While some of the crowd were restless in the lead-up to The Vines, for the most part the crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves. Wrecking Ball, One of the Animals and Sgt. Suffer caused some head banging amongst the crowd however some of the quieter moments such as Heavy Harm seemed lost in the sizable venue.

Regardless of what you think of their music, The Vines certainly know how to put on a good show. The crowd went off and security must have had a heart attack when they witnessed the amount of girls wearing high-heels and shirtless men in the mosh-pit. Luckily the band alternated their rockier moments with ballads, giving everyone a chance to catch their breath.

New tracks like Candy Flippin Girl and Future Primitive didn’t sound out of place with the new tracks, however the crowd response was nothing compared to older tracks. Even Gimmie Love didn’t get the response front man Craig Nicholls seemed to be hoping for.

Get Free and Ride went off, with the crowd transported back to the days when The Vines were being heralded as the saviors of rock. Nicholls threatened to tear apart the stage on numerous occasional, but fortunately he saved it for the encore. F.T.W was the perfect close to the evening with Nicholls destroying his guitar, a drum skin and a microphone stand, showing why the band are still around.


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