Short Stack Q&A

One of my favourite things about this blog is being able to interview bands that range from small locals who deserve more recognition to brilliant songwriters who are regarded by many as national treasures. So when the opportunity do to a Q&A with Short Stack’s Shaun Divney come about, naturally I said yes. Firstly I thought it would be interesting to get their perspective on things, and secondly I was curious about their decision to allow interviews with independent music bloggers, because let’s face it, being a little bit snarky is our thing. Nevertheless, they chose not to answer some of my questions, but here are the ones that they did.

The Story of Short Stack is a documentary about the band that will be shown in cinemas for one night only on October 27.  There will be a live Q&A and acoustic set at Event Cinemas in Sydney, which will be broadcast be satellite to selected cinemas in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. Each ticket comes with a free copy of the DVD.

How did the Story of Short Stack Movie come about?

We have always been broadcasting our journey via our Youtube channel since day one, but never actually gone into this much depth before. The DVD is the story we want people to know about us.

 Are you nervous about having the event screened live to so many places are will you just treat it like any other gig?

It’s not at all like a gig, and yeah I do feel a bit nervous as we are out of our comfort zone, but at the same time we love a challenge and this is a whole new and different experience.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

The fact we are on our third album now and I’m only 22 is an achievement for me.

Most bands have their first album out in their late 20s and few rarely get a second or third.

I think the fact our music has reached so many people is a highlight for me.

 Where can you see the band in five years time?

We will keep playing music as long as we are enjoying it.

 Do you have any crazy stories?

Yes, once I killed a hooker.

What bands are you currently listening to?

I got the new Patrick Stump CD, it’s awesome.


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