Aleks and The Ramps @ Buffalo Club 10//11/11

The Buffalo Club is one of the latest venues to join Melbourne’s incredible music scene, and also one of the most unusual. With an RSL licence, wooden floors and a wall separating the bar from the band room it took a while to get used to. That said, it’s always great to see more places start hosting live music.

Seagull kicked things off to a very small but appreciative crowd. With their drummer and bass player absent, Chris Bolton performed with the help of a keyboardist. Chris Bolton’s vocal are reminiscent of Thom Yorke at times, and it’s pretty clear that they are certainly an influence. The drummer from second support Near Myth joined the band on stage for the final two songs, which added a different element to the set.

Near Myth played a set of buoyant indie with a vocalist that sounded eerily similar to Paul Dempsey. The banter between tracks gave bizarre explanations about the songs, my personal favourite being the track inspired by walking around Docklands car parks wearing nothing but a cardboard box. It was hard to tell how seriously they wanted to be taken but after hearing that it was only their third ever gig, I’m sure we’ll find out in time.

I’ve often wondered why Aleks and the Ramps aren’t more popular. Even at their single launch, the venue was 3/4 full at the very most. The band combine the jangly pop of most bands coming out of Brisbane with experimental electronics and Aleks’ deadpan vocals to create a unique but very enjoyable sound that would probably appeal to both Triple J listeners and the indiest of indies.

Tonight’s stage was set up with fairy lights that were triggered by the instruments, giving the set a mini light show effect. The band gave it their all with tracks like Walking in the Garden proving to be frightening and danceable in equal measures. Older single Antique Limb was a highlight of the set and as close as the band has come to writing standard Triple J fare.  The purpose of the gig, Middle Aged
Unicorn At Sunset
sounded great. With offbeat lyrics and a catchy tune its hopefully a sign of things to come from the band.

Aleks and the Ramps proved themselves as a live act to be reckoned with. If only more people were there to watch them play.


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