Zulu Winter Q&A


Despite a very short career, UK band Zulu Winter have already started to make a name for themselves with  the music press salivating over their debut single We Should be Swimming , a slot at SXSW and an Australian tour scheduled for April. Their debut album Language is due out in May and there are some seriously high expectations going on.

I was lucky enough to score to a Q&A with Dom Milliard before they visit our shores. I suggest you keep your eyes on these guys, they’re going to be big.

How would you describe your sound?

Luckily that’s not our job. Our advice would be have a listen and make your own mind up.
What has been the highlight of your musical career so far?
It has to be playing a show in Japan. None of us have ever been there before, and despite only being there for a ridiculously short time, its a place we would love to go back to. I don’t normally get too nervous before shows, but having come such a long way I had more than the odd butterfly in my stomach… god knows how I’ll be when we play Australia!
With so much hype surrounding you guys so early in your career, do you feel like there is a lot of pressure for your debut to match people’s expectations?
I can’t wait till our debut comes out, since I find it very strange that people come to such conclusions after only hearing a handful of songs.
We Should Be Swimming is ridiculously catchy. Can we expect a similar sound from the rest of your album?
Thank you! I think and hope that there is a relatively wide selection of sounds on the album. We’ve got a few others in a similar vein to ‘We Should Be Swimming’, but also some songs which are darker more delicate and atmospheric.
What can Australian fans expect from you live shows coming up in April?
Don’t think we’ve got any gimmicks planed, but we love playing live and hopefully that comes across. Actually we have been knocking about a couple of covers at the moment so you might hear a familiar tune with a Zulu Winter slant on it!
Are there any Australian bands making waves over in the UK at the moment?
I’m actually quite interested in ‘Primitive Motion’ who are from Brisbane and have an excellent blog (http://kindlingrecords.blogspot.com/) Filled with excellent artwork and of course music as well.
An album that’s been making waves with us recently is Peace For Out Times, by Warm Dust which came out in 1971, mondo tunes with Timothy Leary reading over the top! Of course we all love Tame Impala and Nick Cave as well.
What’s next for you guys?
We’re off to America next week to SXSW, which we’re all looking forward to, again I’ve never been to America and none of us have been to Texas, so it should be pretty exciting. Then we’re heading your way which once more is a place we’ve never been before, so you’ll have to show us round. I recently got a camera so I’ll be taking lots of snaps!
What are you currently listening to? Any bands you think we should keep an ear out for?
Literally in the last week or so I’ve dived head first into the whole ‘Berlin Scene’ people like Moderat, Modeselektor and Four Tet, although I think he’s based in London. It’s really opened some ideas on song structure and atmospheres.
Bands you should look out for: Outfit whose single Two Islands is one of the greatest songs I’ve heard in recent times and gets better with each listen (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11wT1sdTRhU)  and a friend’s band called Brew Ha Ha, I wouldn’t normally recommend a friend’s band, but they are fantastic, they currently don’t have anything out there, but if you’re smart you’ll remember their name.

Tickets from http://www.northcotesocialclub.com

Tickets from http://www.moshtix.com.au


New Arcade Fire Track

That strange sound you heard this morning was probably all of the hipsters (myself included) wetting themselves over the new Arcade Fire track that was released this morning from The Hunger Games soundtrack.

The track is called Abraham’s Daughter and sounds completely different to anything off The Suburbs, or Neon Bible or actually most of the things they’ve released. It’s a bit over dramatic and moody, but that’s why we love them. And since Twilight soundtracks jumped the shark with the latest movie hopefully The Hunger Games continues the trend of teen movies with decent soundtracks. Because let’s face, we need a legitimate excuse to see them.

As a bonus, here’s The Decemberist’s contribution to the soundtrack. Which I think works much better as a stand alone track and easily stands up against their recent output.

Have You Heard: Elephant Eyes

It can be easy to scoff at bands that come out of music courses, mostly due the assumption that all bands should come out of sticky carpet and beer instead of, you know, an ability to play their instruments. That, and the result is usually as pretentious as fuck. Elephant Eyes are the exception to this rule. Forming at NMIT in Melbourne just over a year ago they are really starting to find their feet as a live act and if their debut single is anything to go by, their recorded work will rule.

With a mix of jazz, pop and a hint of electronica the result is a sound that familiar enough to enjoy if you stumble into once of their gigs by accident, but different enough for them to stand out against the current crop of artists doing a similar thing.

Kate McMahon’s vocals switch from jazz to pop effortlessly and with the recent inclusions of an effects pedal in live shows the band could probably go in an direction. Stu Hazelman from The Hazelman Brothers is on drums and back-up vocal duties and fans of his other band will probably dig this too.

Their debut single I Want To Know is available from Bandcamp and if you’re keen to see them live you can catch them at Moomba this weekend or at the Wesley Ann on the April 1.