My name is Lauren and I am a music addict.

After many years of people’s eyes glazing over when I talked about music,  I did the only reasonable thing to do: starting a music blog named after a Darren Hanlon song.

This blog features news, reviews and the occasional rant.

You can send love mail, hate mail and music to:



3 comments on “About

  1. Gurney says:

    Super blog. Really interesting and well-written. Immaculate taste in templates (same as mine!)and very sensitive disclaimer – artists do need to eat and those of us with sufficient funds should buy their work. Those who can’t afford it – well, good luck to them.
    G =]

  2. milli says:

    wonderful blog lauren! came over from ‘too roads’ keep up the good ‘work’!!! ;)*

  3. BondiBen says:

    Great blog, thanks! Really like your choices of music. Cheers!

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