Music News 19/01/2012

Things have gone from bad to terrible for the Big Day Out with the recent announcement that this year’s Aukland event will be the last.

This year they’ve seen downsizing, Vivian Lees leave and a partnership with C3 Presents. It’ll be sad if the festival doesn’t continue, but genre festivals have made it so easy to see a certain type of band without most of the bogans.

If you feel like getting your sad on, The Mountain Goats are touring in May.

I’m actually looking for someone to come to the Melbourne show with me, so if you’re keen tweet, email or carrier pigeon me. I promise I’ll only swoon a little bit.

The dates are as follows:

The Bakery, Perth
Tuesday 1st May

The Great Northern, Byron Bay
Thursday 3rd May

The Zoo, Brisbane
Friday 4th May

The Metro, Sydney
Sunday 6th May

The Clarendon, Katoomba
Tuesday 8th May

The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Thursday 10th May

Surely Gene Simmons doesn't need a codpiece THAT big

If you like rock and rolling all night and partying every day then you’ll be more than happy to hear the Kiss are coming in 2013. Sure, given their collective age of 2 million there’s a possibility it might be a bit shit, the pyrotechnics alone will be totally worth it.

However at the moment, there are no dates.

If you’re anything like me, Valentine’s day usually involves copious amounts of chocolate and Colin Firth movies. But this year you’ll be able to get your quirky pop on  because Aleks and the Ramps will be releasing their 3rd album Facts. 

The first single Middle Aged Unicorn On Beach With Sunset (I think I need a lie down after typing all that) is excellent and the album will be out on digital download or vinyl depending on how much of a hipster you are.

Music News Round-Up

Did everyone have a good long weekend? I spent mine camping with my family in the rain. Next to a tent that almost exclusively played dubstep and another who had a baby. Never again.

Anyway, here’s some music news to accompany your hangover.


After one album and countless drummers, Philadelphia Grand Jury have called it quits for good. The band announced a hiatus is March, but today they revealed on Twitter that the band has broken up:

“After years of touring together, recording together, working together and living together, we’ve decided we need our own space. Big, big thanks to everyone who has supported us and given us the opportunity to have what is pretty much a dream existence. Most of all, thanks to all the drummers that have put up with us both.”

The band were incredibly fun live and Hope is for Hopers, although cheesy in places, still holds up well. It’s a real shame to see them go.


This is the first result for the BDO on google images. Yup.

Viven Lees and Ken West, the promoters behind The Big Day Out parted ways after 20 years. Lees has pulled out of the partnership, stating that he wants to spend more time with his family. Ken West will become the festivals sole promoter.

AJ Maddah is continuing his run of being the most frustrating promoter in Australia.

Hole have pulled out of Soundwave 2012, which of course resulted in a spate of hilarious tweets.

As far as Harvest news goes, Kevin Devine’s sideshows were cancelled with no proper announcement (I’m still mad) and festival attendees in Brisbane and Sydney can only bring one sandwich (no word on baguette or rolls).

The full details for travel announcements, etc can be found here.


Festival News

Today appeared to be National Festival Announcement Day, with The Big Day Out, Golden Plains and Laneway revealing details about their line-ups.


I'ma let you finish, but Golden Plains has today's best annoucement

Big Day Out announced their line-up in the ever annoying drip-feed style over two days. 17 of the acts were announced last night on twitter, with the three headliners announced on Triple J’s breakfast show.

With rumours ranging from Radiohead to Pearl Jam expectations were very high for next year’s line up. The Big Day Out’s website also featured past line-up which created a sense of anticipation. After all, it is the 20th anniversary.

Instead the line-up was mediocre at best. While Kanye West as a headliner is completely awesome the line-up features more of the same recycled acts. The Australian acts are great, but you can see them at least once a year anyway. Also, My Chemical Romance? I wasn’t aware this was 2006.

Kanye West
My Chemical Romance
The Living End
Hilltop Hoods
Boy and Bear
Parkway Drive
Mariachi El Bronx
Architecture In Helsinki
The Jezebels
Odd Future
Frenzal Rhomb
Girl Talk
The Getaway Plan
Cage The Elephant
Foster The People
Best Coast

Golden Plains announced two acts that would be appearing at this years festival, and already their line-up is  a million times better than The Big Day Out’s. The acts are:

Bon Iver

Rocky Erickson

The full line-up will be announced in two weeks and since every hipster and his dog will want to go, it’s best to enter the ballot.

Today Laneway announced that the 2012 festival will have 26 international acts and at least six female fronted bands or solo artists. Hopefully this means the Feist and Laura Marling rumours are true.

The Dean Turner stage has been created as a permanent addiction to the festival as a tribute to the Magic Dirt  bass player who lost his battle with cancer in 2009.

Festival-goers will have the option to donate $2.60 to the Yiriman Project when they buy their tickets. The charity assists young indigenous people at risk.

Festival News

The 2011 Raggamuffin Festival has been cancelled in Australia after five years. The reggae festival’s acts included UB40, Billy Ocean and Marvin Priest. The organisers will refund ticket and will be focusing on New Zealand’s leg of the festival instead.

More acts have been announced for Harvest, with many of them already rumoured for sometime. They are Mogwai, Tv on the Radio, Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah and Seekae. Kevin Devine has also joined the line-up after the Soundwave Revolution disaster.

The clashes can and will make you cry.

It’s Big Day Out rumour time again. We’ve already had a bunch of rumours that proved to be false (Eminem, Blink 182) as well as the usual culprits (Radiohead, David Bowie, Elvis) but now a new source has emerged.

@BigDayOutSpy has been posting clues on twitter about who will be playing the festival. So far five acts have been “announced.” Best to take these with the biggest grain of salt you can find:

The Vaccines

Josh Pyke

Boy & Bear

Florence and the Machine

The Decemberists

Big Day Out 2010 – Flemington Racecourse 26/01/10

This year was my first Big Day Out and it will probably be my last. It’s not because of the bands or price of entry. It’s not even because of the dodgy festival toilets. It was because of the crowd. While you’re bound to come across a few idiots in a crowd of 50,000 people, it seemed that most of the crowd were there to get drunk, show off their best open-toe footwear and  confirm Australia’s racist reputation. It impossible to walk 1 metre without being greeted by an Australian flag, a southern cross tattoo or hearing “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie” being chanted by drunk bogans. It was enough to make you want to renounce your Australian citizenship and move to Japan. Luckily the music made up for the crowd.

The first sign of crowd management problems was at entry. With organisers urging the crowd to take the train to the festival, it was suprising to see that security could not cope with the huge influx of people using the railway entrance. The line was huge and in the end they didn’t check bags or have any kind of police presence. Way to stop the drug problem, guys.

After watching the end of a very scary looking Mastadon, The first band I saw were Kasabian. Five minutes before their set some Neanderthal types thought it would be fun to try to crush us to death. Needless to say I made my way to the back of “D” where some nice guys and their equally nice girlfriends stopped me from being killed by sweaty bogans. Musically Kasabian were very good and many of their tracks such as Shoot the Runner and Fire provided great sing along moments. Unfortunately Tom Meighan’s bigger-than-god stage antics did not suit the time slot and I had the urge to punch him more than once.

I caught the first few songs from Eskimo Joe and was bored to death. They’re competent but hardly exciting and they lacked the kind of stage presence that is needed at a large festival. I was expecting more from a band who have been around for so long.

Watching The Decemberists, it was easy to forget you were at a large music festival rather than a small outdoor gig. The smaller stages attracted a much nicer crowd and those that came to watch them were hanging on every note and there wasn’t a southern cross tattoo in sight. Their blend of folk-rock made a great change from the pedestrian music on the main stages. Despite how you feel about his nasally vocals, Colin Meloy was the perfect frontman. His good natured banter(his remark about Melburnians being more attractive than Sydneysiderswon him plenty of fans) and enthusiasm was well received by the crowd and he even acted at a volume controller during the sing-along 16 Military Wives. The whole band looked like they enjoyed themselves and were all entertaining to watch. Their set was, at least for me, the highlight of the festival. It was worth the price of admission alone to see the entire crowd singing along to a song about killing children. They managed to be entertaining and theatrical without the need for a big light show and could teach Muse a thing or two about connecting with the audience. It almost made up for it being their first Australian tour. Almost.

The Horrors looked out-of-place in 34 degree heat and played their way through a noisy, dirgey set made entirely from songs off their Primary Colours album. It was enjoyable but also slightly comical so see such a pale and serious band in broad daylight. It was hard to know whether to dance, laugh or stare at your shoes. It was great. My only complaint is that there weren’t any songs from Strange House.

The crowd for Dizzee Rascal was ridiculous. It was impossible to walk through the grassed area behind the ‘D’ with people packed in everywhere. Once again there was no kind of security presence. I can’t comment on his music since I spend of most of the time trying to escape the crowd but it was incredibly bass heavy and the crowd loved it.

Lily Allen is one of those artists I like but am not crazy about and I was expecting to walk away form her set as a massive fan. Instead I walked away disappointed. You could hardly hear her vocals over the high bass and she spent the whole set walking around stage, getting security to light cigarettes she didn’t smoke and generally being a bit lacklustre.  Her unclassy banter (“I’ve had gastro the last two days and have been shitting myself”) was amusing and her attack on the recent bashing of Indian students before she launched into Fuck You were met with heckles rather than cheers. She wasn’t terrible and she has some good songs but once again it came down to lack of stage presence.

I’ve never really understood the Mars Volta. It was hard to hear the vocals at times but the crowd seemed to enjoy their set and they were a good distraction while waiting for Muse.

Powderfinger are one of Australia’s most reliable live bands. Unfortunatly reliable doesn’t always mean exciting and they had the difficult task of opening up for Muse. They played a solid set however the inclusion of many new album tracks left the restless crowd bored. While I appreciate that the band have to promote their new material, playing it before arguably the biggest band in the world is not the place. These Days was a great crowd sing-along but the band toned it down making the ballad even slower. you can’t get much more Australian than singing  My Happiness on Australia Day at The Big Day Out and their mini-cover of Mumford and Son’s Little Lion Man was very well recived and the crowd enjoyed the opportunity to sing the word “fuck” at the top of their lungs.

I haven’t got all that much to say about Muse. They were spot-on musically and their light-show was brilliant but their set lacked any kind of connection with the audience. I felt like I could have just watched a music DVD in room full of people and have pretty much the same experience. Knights of Cydonia was a highlight as was the cover of Back in Black with Nic Cester from Jet, which was well recived by the crowd. It was good, but not amazing.

The Big Day Out was a fun way to spend Australia Day and many of the acts were very enjoyable. Unfortunaly most of the crowd were not there for the right reasons and there were too many organisational issues like the line to leave. Next year I’ll see the sideshows instead,

BDO Second Annoucement is a little bit crap

This year has been a big one for the Big Day Out. The event has sold out in all states(and New Zeland, which everyone knows is just an extenstion of Australia really) and an etra show has been added in Sydney for only the second time the festival’s history. Many people were expecting a big second announcement and there were rumours of bands such as Phoenix and Vampire Weekend.

Instead, the actual  second line-up is looking a little bit crap. I mean Jet. Seriously. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for boring bogan rock but does anybody actually care about them anymore?

Not so boring are the annoucements of Passion Pit, Devandra Barnhart and The Middle East.

The full line-up is:



Devendra Barnhart

Passion Pit

Simian Mobile Disco DJs

Beenie Man

Silent Disco

Hilltop Hoods

Decoder Ring

Itch-E and Scratch-E

Maya Jupiter

Miami Horror


Sugar Army

DJ Sam La More

The Scare

The Middle East



Grrilla Step

Big Day Out 2010 Line-Up

I have a confession to make: I have never been to the Big Day Out, mostly because it’s always the day before school goes back and my mum is one of those “school is important” parents. But  judging by the first line-up announcement, I think next year will be the year I finally go. The line-up is looking pretty good on the international front and there is no sign of Limp Bizket. On the local side of things, the usual  boring and big-ish Aussie bands are playing(Powderfinger, Grinspoon… zzzz) but there a few interesting bands I think the second line-up will feature some more exciting  local acts. It’s a bummer that the David Bowie rumours were false though. I would give my right arm to see him play live.

Lily Allen
Eskimo Joe
Groove Armada
The Mars Volta
Dizzee Rascal
Girl Talk
The Temper Trap
Midnight Juggernauts
Rise Against
Magic Dirt
Lisa Mitchell
The Horrors
Calvin Harris
The Decemberists
Tame Impala

The tickets are released on different days depending on your state, and the dates are: