Best EPs of 2009

EPs are like a difficult middle child. They aren’t seen to be as important as albums and they don’t have the disposable and popular nature of singles. Instead they are largely ignored despite the fact that many of the are truly excellent. So to make up for this, I have decided to write a list of the best EPs of 2009.

5. Philadelphia Grand Jury-Going To The Casino

With four songs and none of them going over 4 minutes, the best way to describe this EP is short and sweet. Three of the tracks could have been lead singles and made their way onto their debut album Hope Is For Hopers. The only song that didn’t make to the album was the experimental and slightly dirgey Pitchshifter Blues which feels out of place. The first three tracks more than make up for it though.

Oh Mercy-In The Nude For Love

Like Philadelphia Grand Jury, Oh Mercy also released an album that made it to my end of year list. This EP was released after the album was recorded as a teaser of sorts. Aside from the brilliant title it has some great pop songs and two instrumentals. At 6 tracks it also one of the longest EPs on the list, walking the line between EP and album. If your like Oh Mercy and haven’t heard this yet, try to track down a copy.

3.Hungy Kids Of Hungary-Mega Mountain

How’s that for cover art? And the music isn’t half bad either. Hungry Kids of Hungary have some great catchy pop tunes and all of the four tracks here, including the slower number and single Old Money are impossible to get out of your head. While it is easy to hear who their influences are, it’s a great little EP.

2.Yae!Tiger- Songs From…Casualty of the Avalanche

One of the best things about blogging is coming accross great new music and I found both Yae!Tiger and the number one band  because they had been nice enough to send me their music. Yae!Tiger’s EP Songs From…Casualty of the Avalanche EP has some of the best packaging I have ever seen. The picture really doesn’t do it justice. Musically these guys have Los Campesinos! style pop songs with male and female vocals hidden under a layer of disortion. The EP also comes with a cute animated clip to their song Waging War At The Carnival. While this EP won’t change the world, it is extremely enjoyable.

1.Goodnight OwlGoodnight Owl

This EP highlights one of the downsides of EPs: the short length. Goodnight Owl is a beautiful EP that sounds like it was made by an accomplished artist rather than a group of musicians who were just starting out. Sounding like a mix between Josh Pyke and The Postal Service, the mix of electronic glitches and acoustic instruments creates an almost perfect EP. These guys should be huge.


Hungry Kids, Remixes and Old Money

This has been floating around in my inbox for the last week or so and if I have to write one more thing about how slums form I will go mental. So I will post it now.

Old money was not my favourite track of The Hungry Kids of Hungary’s Mega  Mountain EP. Not that it’s a bad song, it just lacks the immediate appeal that the others on the EP had, which is probably due to the fact that it’s the track after Scattered Diamonds which is the catchiest song on the release.

The band recently released the video for old Money which was shot in an old Museum in Brisbane.

I’m not a huge fan of remixes in general as I haven’t found many that improve the original but this one makes the song even more fun and kind of suits the song. It gives it more of a Vampire Weekend vibe, I think. It is also avaliable as a free download.

<div style=”font-size: 11px;”> <div style=”padding-top: 5px;”><a href=””>Hungry Kids Of Hungary – Scattered Diamonds (Alcopop Remix) – 320kbps</a>  by  <a href=””>delinquents</a></div></div&gt;

[Review] Hungry Kids Of Hungary- Mega Mountain

Today I was faced with a difficult choice. I could sit in the library and study or I could go to my local CD store and stimulate the economy. Guess which one I chose?

Mega Mountain is the second EP from Hungry Kids of Hungary, a Brisbane band who know how to write a catchy tune or four.They say not to judge a book (or a CD) by it’s cover, but in this case, it’s hard not to. The bright cartoon album art really suits the music on this EP.

The EP begins with Two Stones. It’s a poppy track, with plenty of backing vocals and is reminiscent of  The Beatles. Scattered Diamonds, the first single from the EP has been getting quite a bit of attention latley and for good reason.  It ‘s a bittersweet indie-pop song you can dance to. What’s not to like?

Old Money slows things down a bit and lacks the instant appeal of the first two tracks. That said, it is still a good song.  considering that this is the lowpoint of the EP  they must be doing something right.

The Last track on the EP, Good Times picks things up again and is the kind of song you would sing in the shower. In a good way. It is really fun track and it even has handclaps.

These guys should be huge and I won’t be suprised if that happens after their next relase. They make pop music just as well, if not better, than the interational artists everyone is salivating over at the moment.  Buying this EP is a very sensible way of stimulating the economy indeed.


Also, the video for Scattered Diamonds is very cool. Puppets!

Hungry Kids Of Hungry

The first time I heard the song  “Scattered Diamonds” by  Hungry Kids of Hungary, I thought it was by Vampire Weekend, which is a good thing by the way.

Aside from having a questionable name, this Brisbane band also know how to write a catchy tune.

They have been getting quite a bit of airplay on Triple J and have  recently released their second EP, Mega Mountain and if the other songs sound anything  like this it’ll make for a very fun listen. I’ll try and get myself a copy and let y’all know what it’s like.

Hungry Kids Of Hungary-Scattered Diamonds.mp3