Why You Should go to the Maths and Magic Showcase

1.It’s on tonight on the Grace Darling. A band with terrible banter once informed me that the Grace Darling was named after a lady who saved 13 men from a sinking ship in the 1800s. So that’s pretty cool.

2.How often do you get to see a showcase, a single launch and a homecoming gig all in the same night? Probably not often enough.

3. The bands are all awesome. All of them.

4. Owls of the Swamp has just returned from Europe. It’s his first show back in Melbourne which means new songs and interesting banter. Not that his banter is ever boring. He brings the dad jokes.

5. Elephant Eyes are fantastic live and just keep getting better and better. It’s their single launch and it’s an awesome song.

6. Siobhan is scarily young and talented. You should see her now to say otu saw her first to impress your super indie friends in a year or so.

7. It’s only $10 and for the cost of a pizza, you really can’t go wrong.



Owls of the Swamp- Go With River

Owls of the Swamp’s second album “Go With River” is the kind of music you can get lost in.

Owls of the Swamp is actually Pete Uhlenbruch, a singer-songwriter who’s been playing around Melbourne for quite some time. While his debut album “Smokey Bay” focused on his travels to Iceland, on “Go With River” he has his feet firmly on the ground.

The album begins with “43” an instrumental that shows off Uhlenbruch’s intricate guitar playing. While it isn’t the most conventional way to start the album, it’s more than welcome and ends too abruptly.

From the First few bars of “Stones and Bones” it is clear this album is more than the kind of background music that is associated with folk music. “Pyramid’s” melody slowly weaves it’s way into your consciousness before you find it stuck in your head.

While the temp of the album doesn’t shift a great deal, Owls of the Swamp use backing vocals to their advantage. Ellen Kibble, a great musician in her own right, makes “Walking Song” stand out from the rest of the album. Aluka and Myra Ross also lend their voices to the album.

The songs on the album don’t vary all that much, it is impossible to fault the slick production and quality songwriting.

Overall, “Go With River” is an impressive album that stands out from the others in an already overcrowded genre.