Music News Round-Up

Did everyone have a good long weekend? I spent mine camping with my family in the rain. Next to a tent that almost exclusively played dubstep and another who had a baby. Never again.

Anyway, here’s some music news to accompany your hangover.


After one album and countless drummers, Philadelphia Grand Jury have called it quits for good. The band announced a hiatus is March, but today they revealed on Twitter that the band has broken up:

“After years of touring together, recording together, working together and living together, we’ve decided we need our own space. Big, big thanks to everyone who has supported us and given us the opportunity to have what is pretty much a dream existence. Most of all, thanks to all the drummers that have put up with us both.”

The band were incredibly fun live and Hope is for Hopers, although cheesy in places, still holds up well. It’s a real shame to see them go.


This is the first result for the BDO on google images. Yup.

Viven Lees and Ken West, the promoters behind The Big Day Out parted ways after 20 years. Lees has pulled out of the partnership, stating that he wants to spend more time with his family. Ken West will become the festivals sole promoter.

AJ Maddah is continuing his run of being the most frustrating promoter in Australia.

Hole have pulled out of Soundwave 2012, which of course resulted in a spate of hilarious tweets.

As far as Harvest news goes, Kevin Devine’s sideshows were cancelled with no proper announcement (I’m still mad) and festival attendees in Brisbane and Sydney can only bring one sandwich (no word on baguette or rolls).

The full details for travel announcements, etc can be found here.



Jagermeister Independant Music Awards

This year the AIR awards, or Jagermeister Independent Music Awards as they are now apparently known,  have come under a bit of criticism for being sponsored by both Jagermeister and Nova, a station not known for playing anything remotely unsigned. However you shouldn’t let that distract you from the fact that unlike the televised music awards in this country, they recognise independent music that many people in the music consuming public might not pay attention to otherwise.

Another great thing about the AIR awards is that the general public are welcome to attend. This year the tickets are = $29 +bf and the event will feature live music from nominees  Cloud Control as well as British India and Sally Seltman. It will all be happening tomorrow night (October 1st) at the Forum in Melbourne.

There are too many nominations to list here, but the ever so amazing Philadelphia Grand Jury are nominated for best breakthrough artist along with Cloud Control and Otouto.

For more information, head over to the ausindies website:

Philidelphia Grand Jury Save Our Town

Philadelphia Grand Jury are back!

Not that they ever really disappeared. They’ve been spending the last six months in England recording, gigging and being generally awesome. They’ve released an excellent new single Save Our Town which in true Philly Jay’s style, is upbeat, fun and catchier than herpes.

They’ve also announced an Australian tour for November and December.

THU 4 NOV – Republic Bar, HOBART

FRI 5 NOV – Hotel New York, LAUNCESTON

SAT 6 NOV – Corner Hotel, MELBOURNE


FRI 12 NOV – Cambridge Hotel, NEWCASTLE

SAT 13 NOV – Metro Theatre, SYDNEY (ALL AGES)

THU 18 NOV – Beach Hotel, BYRON BAY



THU 25 NOV – Beachcomber Hotel, CENTRAL COAST


SAT 27 NOV – Newton’s Nation, BATHURST (PGJ ONLY)

SUN 28 NOV – Fitzroy Hotel, WINDSOR


THUR 2 DEC – Prince Of Wales, BUNBURY

FRI 3 DEC – Capitol, PERTH


SUN 5 DEC – Newport Hotel, FREMANTLE

WED 8 DEC – Level One, GEELONG

THU 9 DEC – Karove Lounge, BALLARAT


SAT 11 DEC – Sandbar, MILDURA

THU 16 DEC – Caringbah Bizzos, CARINGBAH

FRI 17 DEC – Mona Vale Hotel, MONA VALE

SAT 18 DEC – Grand Hotel, WOLLONGONG

FRI 31 DEC – Pyramid Rock Festival, PHILLIP ISLAND (PGJ ONLY)

Philadelphia Grand Jury- Save Our Town.mp3

Philadelphia Grand Jury B-Side

I saw Philadelphia Grand Jury for the first time a couple of weeks ago at an outdoor all ages festival and they were great.  Sadly, at least for us Aussies, they’re moving to th UK indefinitely after signing a record deal.

At leat they’ve left us an awesome single. I Don’t Want To Party (Party) is quite possibly the best party song about not wanting to party ever recorded. It also has a rather cool B-side which I’m sharing with you today. Most of you would probably be familiar with Calvin (no last name required), the band’s drummer and newest member. He’s done some pretty awesome things like session drum for hugely popular US disco and funk acts like Earth, Wind and Fire. He has recorded a track for the new Philly Jays single called Both Kinds of Music and it’s pretty damn cool.

Calvin- Both Kinds of Music.mp3

Philadelphia Grand Jury Relocation Tour

Very few bands can get away with writing a party song about not wanting to party, but Philadelphia Grand Jury aren’t just any band. Which is probably why they’ve been signed to London based label ‘Too Pure’ and are indefinatly relocating to the UK.

I must admit I’m unhappy about this, especially since I’m yet to see them live. But those of you who are overage can catch them on the I Don ‘t Want To Party(Party) headline tour around Australia.  This will be their last Australian shows in the foreseeable future, so make sure you come along.

02.04    Sussex Inlet RSL, Sussex Inlet

03.04    Club Sapphire, Merimbula

04.04 Tathra Hotel, Tathra

09.04    Karova Lounge, Ballarat

10.04 East Brunswick Club, Melbourne

11.04 East Brunswick Club, Melbourne

15.04    Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

16.04    Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

17.04    The Zoo, Brisbane

22.04    Jive Bar, Adelaide

23.04    Jive Bar, Adelaide

24.04    Rosemount Hotel, Perth

Philadelphia Grand Jury- I Don’t Want To Party (Party).mp3

Club NME

As some of you may know, I work at a new agents. In between selling dirty magazines to old men and being asked directions to everywhere within a 50km radius, I get to read magazines during my lunch break. As you can imagine, I spend most of my time flicking through the music magazines. While Spin is by far my favourite, whenever I want to read crazy amounts of hype or about one of the Gallager brothers pissing off yet another person, NME can provide a lot of entertainment.

Now you can experience all the fun of your favourite bitchy music magazine in person, with the Club NME tour which will be happening in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

It is set to become a reoccurring event and the first one will feature Philadelphia Grand Jury, Yacht Club DJs, Purple Sneakers DJs and most impressively, a DJ set from Andy Rouke, the bassist from The Smiths.

The dates are:




To celebrate, Yacht Club have remixed The Good News by Philadelphia Grand Jury. Admittedly I’m not a huge remix fan and although it’s fun to hear the song in a different way, it looses some of the charm of the original.

Philadelphia Grand Jury- The Good News (Yacht Club Remix)

Best EPs of 2009

EPs are like a difficult middle child. They aren’t seen to be as important as albums and they don’t have the disposable and popular nature of singles. Instead they are largely ignored despite the fact that many of the are truly excellent. So to make up for this, I have decided to write a list of the best EPs of 2009.

5. Philadelphia Grand Jury-Going To The Casino

With four songs and none of them going over 4 minutes, the best way to describe this EP is short and sweet. Three of the tracks could have been lead singles and made their way onto their debut album Hope Is For Hopers. The only song that didn’t make to the album was the experimental and slightly dirgey Pitchshifter Blues which feels out of place. The first three tracks more than make up for it though.

Oh Mercy-In The Nude For Love

Like Philadelphia Grand Jury, Oh Mercy also released an album that made it to my end of year list. This EP was released after the album was recorded as a teaser of sorts. Aside from the brilliant title it has some great pop songs and two instrumentals. At 6 tracks it also one of the longest EPs on the list, walking the line between EP and album. If your like Oh Mercy and haven’t heard this yet, try to track down a copy.

3.Hungy Kids Of Hungary-Mega Mountain

How’s that for cover art? And the music isn’t half bad either. Hungry Kids of Hungary have some great catchy pop tunes and all of the four tracks here, including the slower number and single Old Money are impossible to get out of your head. While it is easy to hear who their influences are, it’s a great little EP.

2.Yae!Tiger- Songs From…Casualty of the Avalanche

One of the best things about blogging is coming accross great new music and I found both Yae!Tiger and the number one band  because they had been nice enough to send me their music. Yae!Tiger’s EP Songs From…Casualty of the Avalanche EP has some of the best packaging I have ever seen. The picture really doesn’t do it justice. Musically these guys have Los Campesinos! style pop songs with male and female vocals hidden under a layer of disortion. The EP also comes with a cute animated clip to their song Waging War At The Carnival. While this EP won’t change the world, it is extremely enjoyable.

1.Goodnight OwlGoodnight Owl

This EP highlights one of the downsides of EPs: the short length. Goodnight Owl is a beautiful EP that sounds like it was made by an accomplished artist rather than a group of musicians who were just starting out. Sounding like a mix between Josh Pyke and The Postal Service, the mix of electronic glitches and acoustic instruments creates an almost perfect EP. These guys should be huge.