Hunz remixes Scott Spark

Most people associate remixes with the kind music you hear blaring out of cars at 3am. While that’s often a case, sometimes a remix comes along and adds a new dimension to an already great song.

The latest one to come around is Hunz’s remix of Scott Spark’s track What Is In a World which replaces the keys with synths and is very chilled.

When I saw Scott live the other week he mentioned there would be more remixes like this one and there’s also a remix by The Sweats up on his bandcamp page. A singer-songwriter you can dance to?  Awesome.


Jonathan Boulet Remixes The Holidays

Most remixes are a little bit crap. That’s not to say there aren’t some great ones out there, but too many artists seem to think that simply adding a beat to a song automatically makes it better. Which only works about 10% of the time.

Luckily Jonathan Boulet’s remix of Moonlight Hours isn’t like this at all. Instead it turns the catchy track, which Triple J are understandably fond of, into a more laid back, synthy affair.

The Holidays have an album coming out later in the year, which I’m sure will be ridiculously catchy and summery like most of their stuff.

The Holidays are supporting Bluejuice on their national tour.

The remaining dates are:

15 Apr 2010 ANU Bar w/ Bluejuice                               Canberra

16 Apr 2010 Uni of Tasmania w/ Bluejuice                  Hobart

17 Apr 2010 Hotel New York w/ Bluejuice          Launceston

23 Apr 2010 Hi Fi w/ Bluejuice                                     Brisbane

24 Apr 2010 Coolongatta Hotel w/ Bluejuice               Coolongatta

25 Apr 2010 Great Northern Hotel w/ Bluejuice          Byron Bay

28 Apr 2010 Charles Stuart University w/ Bluejuice     Wagga Wagga

29 Apr 2010 Wollongong Uni w/ Bluejuice                   Wollongong

30 Apr 2010 Katoomba RSL w/ Bluejuice                    Katoomba

1 May 2010 Panthers w/ Bluejuice                              Bathurst

5 May 2010 The Gov w/ Bluejuice (all ages)               Adelaide

6 May 2010 Newport Hotel w/ Bluejuice                     Fremantle

7 May 2010 Prince of Wales w/ Bluejuice                   Bunbury

8 May 2010 Capitol w/ Bluejuice                                 Perth

The Holidays- Moonlight Hours (Jonathan Boulet Remix).mp3

Club NME

As some of you may know, I work at a new agents. In between selling dirty magazines to old men and being asked directions to everywhere within a 50km radius, I get to read magazines during my lunch break. As you can imagine, I spend most of my time flicking through the music magazines. While Spin is by far my favourite, whenever I want to read crazy amounts of hype or about one of the Gallager brothers pissing off yet another person, NME can provide a lot of entertainment.

Now you can experience all the fun of your favourite bitchy music magazine in person, with the Club NME tour which will be happening in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

It is set to become a reoccurring event and the first one will feature Philadelphia Grand Jury, Yacht Club DJs, Purple Sneakers DJs and most impressively, a DJ set from Andy Rouke, the bassist from The Smiths.

The dates are:




To celebrate, Yacht Club have remixed The Good News by Philadelphia Grand Jury. Admittedly I’m not a huge remix fan and although it’s fun to hear the song in a different way, it looses some of the charm of the original.

Philadelphia Grand Jury- The Good News (Yacht Club Remix)

How to loose fans and alienate people

When a reletivley unkown band changes their sound to be more commerical and then become hugley sucsessful, it is easy to see why their fans get upset. This is what happened to Kings of Leon last year when they released Only by Night. To be fair, the album does contain quite a few catchy songs and it is easy to see why the masses went ape-shit over Sex On Fire. After releasing a ridicoulous amount of singles from the album, it has been revealed that Kings of Leon are planning a remix album featuring Pharral Williams, Justin Timberlake and Linkin Park.

I understand that the band can do whatever they like, but they’re alienating a huge part of their fan base.  I’m also not so sure who would actually buy this. They don’t really seem like the most remixable band and many of the band’s newer fans seem to some from the “we change our favourite bands as often as we change underwear” school of thoughts and by the time this comes out they would have moved on to other bands.

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

Hungry Kids, Remixes and Old Money

This has been floating around in my inbox for the last week or so and if I have to write one more thing about how slums form I will go mental. So I will post it now.

Old money was not my favourite track of The Hungry Kids of Hungary’s Mega  Mountain EP. Not that it’s a bad song, it just lacks the immediate appeal that the others on the EP had, which is probably due to the fact that it’s the track after Scattered Diamonds which is the catchiest song on the release.

The band recently released the video for old Money which was shot in an old Museum in Brisbane.

I’m not a huge fan of remixes in general as I haven’t found many that improve the original but this one makes the song even more fun and kind of suits the song. It gives it more of a Vampire Weekend vibe, I think. It is also avaliable as a free download.

<div style=”font-size: 11px;”> <div style=”padding-top: 5px;”><a href=””>Hungry Kids Of Hungary – Scattered Diamonds (Alcopop Remix) – 320kbps</a>  by  <a href=””>delinquents</a></div></div&gt;