Yves Klein Blue announce break up

In a move that surprised absolutely no one, Brisbane band Yves Klein Blue have announced they broke up in the second half of 2010, citing creative differences.

Rumors about their break up have been going on for months online and it seems strange they’ve left announcing it for so long, considering their amount of fans many if whom have been following the bands progress for a number of years. It may be poor form on their part, however they left behind a great debut and I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more from the members.


Cloud Control Bliss Release Tour

Why are all the good bands touring in May? When June comes around I’ll be stuck seeing Elvis impersonators and shitty hardcore bands.

Seriously though, on record at least, Cloud Control are awesome. They have generated quite a bit of hype latley after supporting bands like Yves Klein Blue and Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros and will be relasing their debut album Bliss Release on the 14th of May.

They will be embarking on a national headline tour in May. The Dates are:

Thursday 13th May – The Harp, Wollongong
Friday 14th May – Oxford Art Factory – Sydney
Saturday 15th May – Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
Friday 21st May – Republic Bar, Hobart
Saturday 22nd May – East Brunswick, Melbourne
Sunday 23rd May – East Brunswick, Melbourne
Thursday 27th May – Prince Of Wales, Bunbury
Friday 28th May – MOJO’s, Freemantle
Saturday 29th May – Amplifier Hotel, Perth
Wednesday 2nd June – Beach Road Hotel, Sydney ( Free )
Friday 4th June – Clarendon Guesthouse, Katoomba
Saturday 5th June – Transit Bar, Canberra
Tuesday 11th June – Great Northern, Byron Bay
Wednesday 12th June – The Zoo, Brisbane
Saturday 19th June – Jive Bar, Adelaide

New Yves Klein Blue Video

If seeing Michael Tomlinson from Yves Klein Blue get naked is on your bucket list, you can now die happy.

For the alternate version of the About the Future video which was relased today, you get to see him strip down. While it is an interesting idea that suits the vulnerable nature of the song, it just seems a bit wrong. I spent the whole video feeling like I was watching something I shouldn’t be. And this is coming from a 17 year old girl with a thing for indie musicians. If that was the aim of the director, then they’ve certainly done a good job.

You can watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDOB-J8tc10

Yves Klein Blue Make Up Their Mind

It’s no secret that I love Yves Klein Blue. They are probably one of the more exciting Aussie bands at the moment and they can go from rockabilly to indie to country, almost seamlessly.

Make Up Your Mind is the first track from their debut album Ragged & Ecstatic and was also available for free download through their Twitter promotion.  It’s probably the most poppy track on the album and does get a bit annoying once you’ve heard it 20,000 times, which probably makes it perfect for radio.

This is the new video from these guys and it’s worth a look. I can totally imagine Mr Cho liking this 😉

Yves Klein Blue, The White Lies- Hifi Bar 30/7/09

One of the many downsides of being under 18 is that the only way you can legally get into gigs is if you go with a parent. So I dragged my mum along to see The White Lies and their support act, Yves Klein Blue. On this particular night, my mother decieded it would be fun to go to one of the souvineer shops on Swanston Street that never close. Getting her out of there was not an easy task, especially because a Sunnyboys song had just come on and luckily we arrived a few minutes before Yves Klein Blue started their set.

As those of you who have been following this blog would know, Yves Klein Blue are one of my favourite Australian bands and I was anxious to see if they would be as good live as they are on record and the good news is: they are. Although most of the crowd(which was huge by the end of the night) were at the bar, a number of Yves Klein Blue fans gathered at the front of the stage to hear their unique blend of indie-pop. Singles Getting Wise and car ad favourite Polka, were very popular with the crowd,  as well some of the standout track form their debut album. They also played a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s Born To Run, which seemed a bit lost on the audience. The whole band lookede like they were having a ball and lead singer Michael Tomlinson thanked the audience at almost every avaliable opportunity.They could really teach The White Lies a thing or two about stage presence.

If Yves Klein Blue were the high-on-red-cordial younger brother, The White Lies would be the mopey 16 year old who has just discovered poetry and Joy Division. From the moment they began their set, they looked they would rather be somewhere else. They looked as though they had no interest in connecting with the audience and only seemed interested in their induvidual parts. It may sound petty, but if I’m going to fork out(although I didn’t in this case) to see a band, I at least want to pretend they’re enjoying themselves.

Musically, these guys sound very similar to Interpol or The Editiors and their influences are extremely obvious. They did sound good live and Harry McVeigh’s vocals were especially impressive. They played most of the songs from their album, with the expection of Nothing To Give. Towards the end of their set they played some slower stuff and an average cover of Portisheads The Rip which lost the crowds interest. Things picked up again when they played their final song Death which had the whole hifi bar in a frenzy.

I really do hope they were having a bad night because they have the potential to be quite entertaining. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the next time they come here.

Also, me and my mum got our photo taken and put up on the venue’s website. It seems bit odd considering we’re a mother daughter combination, but cool nevertheless. Thanks to Mr Cho for saving it for me!

Me and Mum at The White Lies

Yves Klein Blue- Ragged & Ecstatic

It’s great when an album actually lives up to, and in this case, supasses your expectations. Yves Klein Blue are an indie band form Brisbane who quickly became Triple J favourites after the release of thier excellent debut EP Draw Attention To Themselves. Recorded in LA with producer Kevin Augunas (Cold War Kids) Ragged & Ecstatic is the band’s first album, and a damn good one at that.

Album opener Make Up Your Mind has been avaliable as a free download for quite some time and unsterstandably so. It’s a bouncy pop song in the vein of Vampire Weekend and a great introduction to the band’s sound. The first single from the album, Getting Wise is another catchy indie pop song based around a piano riff. Mistibishi Ad favourite Polka made its way on the album and is amazingly catchy despite having no real chorus.

There is more to the band than catchy pop songs, however. Album closer Gin Sling is best described as a country song, however Michael Tomlison’s vocal style stops i from becomming cheesy. Digital Love (no, it’s not a cover of the Daft Punk song) is as close to a straight up rock song as it gets on the album but it’s still as catchy as hell. About The Future is a more serious song that mainly features acoustic guitar. The ska tinged Summer Sheets features a horn section and is definently one of the album’s standout tracks.

The album drags on a little bit at the end, espcially the track Reprise, which would probably be better as a B-side. Overall, Ragged & Ecstatic is fantastic debut album with many highlights. I have a feeling that these guys are going to be huge.


Yves Klein Blue Twitter

I can’t stand Twitter. I like myspace and I’m addicted to Facebook but I draw the line at writing pointless 140 character updates about what you ate for lunch. Strangley enough, more and more bands are choosing to promote themselves by using Twitter. One of the better recent examples would have to be Yves Klein Blue.

On the 26th of June, which was also the relase date of their debut album “Ragged and Esctatic,” followers of the band on Twitter could download fist track on the album Make Up Your Mind for free and could also enter the competition to see the band play to Splendor in the Grass by tweeting (god I hate that word)  what lengths they would go to to see them.

If you’re interested, head here

If you’re like me and try to avoid Twitter at all costs, the track can be downloaded from the Triple J website.

Their album is in stores now and is definently worth the $20. Otherwise it can be downloaded from itunes for $13.99 with a bonus track.

I’ll have a review of the album for you guys sometime in the next week or so but I hightly reccomend getting a copy.