Seth Lakeman Interview

Long before Mumford and Sons were winning the Hottest 100 and Laura Marling was being a teenage prodigy, Seth Lakeman was being dragged to his parents’ folk club every Sunday. Since then he has been nominated for a Mercury Prize, sold thousands of albums and played some of the biggest festivals in the UK. Despite this, he recorded his latest album Tales From the Barrel House in a mine using tools and chains as percussion.

“I wanted to play all the instruments on the album because there are all these stories of people who worked with their hands, and I wanted to do it with my own hands” says Lakeman, “The album has defiantly got an edge to it that is cohesive and it continues throughout the whole record. But there’s no doubt you can add other stuff to it a background singer and some conventional percussion but I think it’s left at a place where it represents the songs really well.”

However despite his enthusiasm for the record, his first since leaving EMI, he was hesitant to release it commercially. Instead he made it available as a limited edition release from his website.

“We sold 10,000 within a month and a half and then we released it here again commercially and digitally. Thankfully it’s spreading out to other areas. I’m really happy the happened”

It isn’t just his recorded output that’s been making waves. Having played almost every major UK festival, and an endless list of venues, we’ll finally have a chance to witness his live show this month as he tours Australia for first time. But he’s quick to warn me that it won’t a formal, sit-down affair.

“Over here we like to play stand up shows and people want to dance and drink and enjoy it.” He laughs, “It’s really driving and all the stories are there from the couple of records that we’ve got, but also we try and give people a really good time.”

The venues on this tour are a far cry from the large ones Lakeman and his band play in the UK, with many half the size. But rather than seeing this as a downside, Lakeman is excited about how it will sound.

“Thankfully because we play acoustic instruments they translate better on a smaller stage or pub than a bigger venue. We don’t like playing in this country to 900 people because with the instruments we’ve got we can only get so far with them. We’ll be ripping them apart when we play and shredding them but there’s no doubt it works really well in a smaller, intimate environment. Much better, I think.”


Local troubadour Carus Thompson will joining Lakeman along for the ride after spending a lot time touring around Europe. It seems the two of them have quite a history.

Me and Carus have known each other for about 10 years. He comes over here a lot performing and he’s come along as support about three or four times. So it’s about time,” Lakeman laughs.

While his Mercury Prize nomination marked a turning point in the mainstream success of folk, he doesn’t feel threatened by other artists stealing the limelight. In fact, he believes it is a good thing.

“In the UK folk music has always been pretty steady of a genre and the way it’s broken out in this country and has spread to other territories is definitely a trend thing I think.” He pauses before adding “. But it’s exciting for folk music because you can ride the coattails of that.”

Saturday 7 April  Harvester Moon
2330 Portarlington Rd, Bellarine VIC

Sunday 8 April – Bennetts Lane,
25 Bennetts Lane, Melbourne VIC

Monday 9 April – Bennetts Lane,
25 Bennetts Lane, Melbourne VIC

Tuesday 10 April – The Vanguard
42 King St, Newtown, Sydney NSW

Thursday 12 April – Clancy’s Fish Pub

51 Cantonment st, Fremantle WA

Friday 13 April – The Hyde Park Hotel
331 Bulwer St, North Perth WA

Saturday 14 April – Fairbridge Festival
Fairbridge WA

Sunday 15 April – Fairbridge Festival
Fairbridge WA


First Aid Kit sideshows

Ridiculously talented Swedish sisters, First Aid Kit will be returning to Australia in March.

The band will be down here for Golden Plains but will also play shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

If their history is anything to go by, this might be the last time we get to see them in such intimate venues. With a Fleet Foxes cover that has over 2,000,000 views on youtube (take that Bieber), an impressive debut album and the ability to move Patti Smith to tears, these girls have massive things ahead of them.

They will also be releasing their second album The Lion’s Roar on the 27th of January.

Their Australian dates are:

Wednesday 14th March – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Thursday 15th March – The Standard, Sydney
Friday 16th March – The Zoo, Brisbane







Glenn Richards Interview

Glenn Richards is one of Australia’s finest songwriters. As well being the front man for Augie March and causing commercial radio to play a half decent song when One Crowded Hour was released, his solo album Glimjack featured members of The Drones and is a much darker listen than his previous work.

He will be joined by Mike Noga and Dan Luscombe for a tour in September where they will play whatever they feel like and the possible audience request. I was lucky enough to speak to Glenn before the run of shows.

How did you get the idea for the upcoming tour?

It really came down to whether we could afford to take the band out on the road and unfortunately we can’t. Dan (Luscombe) and I have done a few of these style shows a few months ago and they went really well. It allowed us to do a lot of Augie March stuff as well and spread the show out and kind of have a bit of fun with it. So I figured, we can’t afford to do the band so we might as well do as decent tour and bring Mike (Noga) along to keep us company. It’s pretty simple really. It’s a good way to get around and people really seem to enjoy the shows and it’s a bit cheaper as well to actually get to the show.

Will you be playing any songs by The Drones seeing that you have two members of The Drones with you?

[Laughs] That’s kind of up to them, but Gareth (Liddiard) is The Drones’ main songwriter and if he was here I guess we would. But I don’t think so. Mike’s got his own album out so he’ll be doing that exclusively and Dan will just be helping me with whatever I want to do.

How did you first meet Dan Luscombe?

When Augie March were doing their sixth or seventh ever gig, about fourteen years ago and we were supporting The Church at the Palace in St Kilda. The other support act was a band called the Black Eyed Susans that Dan had just started playing with. We did our show, came off stage and Dan came up and said “Hey guys that was really messy.”

We thought, “Gee, thanks I guess.” But he actually meant it as a compliment. We got chatting and ended up going out that night. And we became very good friends and we’ve been buddies ever since and happen to play in similar bands.

Did having Dan and Mike play on your album Glinjack influence the sound in any way?

I’ve known those guys for so long, I kind of knew what to expect. I wanted everybody in that band to be multi-instrumental even if they’re crap at something. I want them to be able to do it because sometimes crap is better than good [laughs].

I read you recorded your album in a Fairfield (suburb of Melbourne) warehouse and got sick doing it. What was that like?

We leased a gigantic warehouse in Fairfield and it really helped a little bit with putting it together, particularly the studio aspect of it. It was the same time last year that we did it, so it was the middle of winter, and as you can imagine a place like that is really hard to heat so it was really easy to get sick and really easy to get frozen. It made us work a lot quicker because we just wanted to get it done and sit in front of a heater.

Do you ever resent the success of One Crowded Hour as it’s the only song a lot of people associate you  with, or do you see it as a way for people to discover the rest of your music?

It would be foolish to wish a song away like that. We’ve had a problem over the years with the record label we ended up being with just not being able to get the idea of the band across to anybody, even when we’ve had a lot of success. No one knows who we are essentially. They know our songs, but apart from our fans who we’ve been building for years, it is hard for people who’ve heard our music to identify it with anything. But that’s a problem with a lot of Australian bands because we’re not as extroverted as we’re supposed to be, or something. We tend to let the music speak for itself which is a kind of old fashioned way of looking at things but it’s hard to look at it any other way when you grow up that way.

I usually ask bands or musicians what they’re listening to, but since a lot of your music has literary influences, what are you currently reading?

Right now I’m reading Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom, a new one which is kind of enjoyable. As far as what I’m listening to, I just got the Phil Spector box set of pretty much everything he ever produced.

The dates for the upcoming tour are below. All tickets are on sale now.

Thursday 25th August – The Toff in Town, Melbourne
Friday 26th August – Theatre Royale, Castlemaine
Saturday 27th August – Karova Lounge, Ballarat
Friday 2nd September – Manhattan Wine Bar, Launceston
Saturday 3rd September – The Grand Poobah, Hobart
Thursday 8th September – Mullum Civic Hall, Mullumbimby
Friday 9th September – Sol Bar, Maroochydore
Saturday 10th September – Old Museum, Brisbane
Thursday 15th September – Lizottes, Dee Why
Friday 16th September – Lizottes, Newcastle
Saturday 17th September – Lizottes, Kincumber
Sunday 18th September – Transit Bar, Canberra
Wednesday 21st September – Grace Emily Hotel, Adelaide
Friday 23rd September – Bended Elbow, Geelong
Saturday 24th September – Caravan music club, Oakleigh
Thursday 29th September – Brass Monkey, Cronulla
Friday 30th September – Notes, Sydney
Saturday 1st October – Hotel Gearin, Katoomba

Okkervil River announce more shows

Okkervil River have announced dates in Perth, Sydney and Brisbane to join their Melbourne Festival shows.

It will the band’s fifth tour to Australia and follows the release of their latest album ‘I Am Very Far.’

The dates are:

Wednesday 12th October – Capitol, Perth
Tuesday 18th October – Metro Theatre, Sydney
Wednesday 19th October – The Hi Fi, Brisbane
Friday 14th October – The Forum Theatre, Melbourne
Saturday 15th October – Meeniyan Town Hall, Meeniyan

Sunday 16th October – Toff In Town, Melbourne (Will Sheff solo show)

Tallest Man On Earth Tour


The Tallest Man On Earth is possible the best thing to come out of Sweden since Ikea and he’ll be visting our shores in September.

There’s not much I can really say about his music that will do it justice. So instead, watch this video, swoon and buy a ticket to one of his shows.


Friday 21st October – The Powerhouse, Brisbane
Saturday 22nd October – The Factory Theatre, Sydney
Sunday 23rd October – Earth Station Festival, Belair National Park, Adelaide
Tuesday 25th October – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Wednesday 26th October – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Thursday 27th October – Rosemount Hotel, Perth
Saturday 29th October – Wave Rock Weekender, Hyden

Tickets on sale 15th July

Meat Loaf Australian Tour

As far as tour announcements go, it doesn’t get much bigger than Meat Loaf who will be playing shows in Australia during October.

He will be touring in support of his upcoming album Hell In A Handbasket and will be playing at the Day on the Green events as well are arena shows. On top of this he’ll also join the likes of Lionel Richie and er… Angry Anderson by playing at the ALF Grand Final on October 1.

Bat Out Of Hell still sells over 200,000 copies a year it’s more than appropriate they’ve named it the Guilty Pleasure Tour. Tickets go on sale July 4.

Tuesday 4th October – WIN Entertainment Centre, Wollongong
Thursday 6th October – Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Saturday 8th October – A Day On The Green – Bimbadgen Winery, Hunter Valley
Wednesday 12th October – Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney
Friday 14th October – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
Saturday 15th October – A Day On The Green, Rochford Wines, Yarra Valley
Wednesday 19th October – Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide
Saturday 22nd October – nib Stadium, Perth

Liam Finn Tour

It’s been a while since Liam Finn released his fantastic debut album I’ll Be Lightning and his follow-up record FOMO  it’s nothing short of brilliant if the reviews are to be belived. It’ll be released on June 17, although word is that it’s already leaked on the internet if you’re that way inclined.

To launch the album, he’ll be embarking on a six date tour along the East Coast. Tickets are already on sale and it’s best to get in quick, because they’re likely to sell out.

Friday 19th August – Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Saturday 20th August – Jive Bar, Adelaide
Wednesday 24th August – Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
Thursday 25th August – ANU Bar, Canberra
Friday 26th August – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Saturday 27th August – The Zoo, Brisbane